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Meck Lock System is not the traditional acoustic alarm that we all hear during the evenings as false alarms but a mechanical anti-theft system that actually prevents theft by immobilisation. It can be installed on any vehicle that has a hydraulic or pneumatic circuit. It also has an electronic immobiliser which offers the first line of defence against any thief. Meck Lock System is the only effective device to offer both an electronic and mechanical immobiliser in one system.

The UK has the worst crime record in Europe, where more than 1,000 cars are stolen every single day and the number of attempted thefts continues to rise.

In 2001, over 400,000 cars were stolen, or 1 out of every 71 cars on the road.

How Does It Work?

Meck Lock System is connected to the hydraulic and/or pneumatic circuit on the vehicle without altering any of the vehicle's original functions. By using a unidirectional valve, activated by a security key, the natural passage of either the oil or air is prevented. The electronic system works by isolating the starting system within the car. Both systems are designed to work independently but when working in unison they create an unbeatable level of security for all types of vehicle immobilisation of the vehicle.

Meck Lock system is activated by a patented key, designed and produced in France. Keys cannot be reproduced and have more than 20 million different combinations.

The numbered and coded key can only be removed from the lock if the anti-theft has been activated. Three keys are supplied with each unit. The anti-drill cylinder is made of hardened steel.

Car Systems
The number of cars of all makes and models protected with Meck Lock System exceeds 20,000...more

HGV Systems/Recovery Vehicles
Meck Lock System is already protecting well over 30,000 lorries of all makes and models...more

Plant Machinery
In addition to the other benefits, by installing Meck Lock system, owners of plant machinery can control unauthorised use...more

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