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Heavy Goods Vehicles.

thatcham approved

Meck Lock System is already protecting well over 30,000 lorries of all makes and models and has Thatcham approval - so it is recognised by all insurance companies.


Recovery Word are the sole distributors for Meck Lock System in the commercial vehicle sector.  Already market leaders in their current field, Recovery World provide the professionalism and industry knowledge to both sell and install Meck Lock across the UK.  For more information about Meck Lock System, whether it is for a single vehicle or an entire fleet, call Recovery World on 01707 650333 or follow the above link to their website.


Vehicles with PTOs




Meck Lock System has particular applications for vehicles that require the use of a PTO.  While drivers are operating the auxiliary equipment driven by the PTO, the vehicle is at considerable risk of being stolen because the engine has to be left running.  Meck Lock System isolates the Hand Brake and the Clutch system so the vehicle can not be driven away even when the engine is left running.  Meck Lock also protects the driver from harm if he is working behind or underneath the vehicle and somebody inadvertently tries to move the vehicle.  This is a serious health and safety issue that Meck Lock can help you address. 

Meck Lock can also cover the smaller vehicles that do not have an air brake by isolating the clutch only, therefore one system can cover a whole fleet.


Meck Lock are looking for firms who are interested in fitting the system to recovery vehicles and normal HGVs as a method of expanding their business.  If you are interested in becoming an authorised Meck Lock dealer please send an email to info@mecklocksystem.co.uk or phone 08700 330013.


Key Benefits of the Meck Lock System

  • Not an alarm but and Anti-theft system
  • Three year warranty
  • Easy installation

Meck Lock System is one of the few anti-theft systems approved and certified by....more

                                                    Flying the Flag for UK Transport 

The PDA is an organisation committed to seeing real change in the HGV industry at large.  They work closely with a variety of organisations to achieve better working conditions for drivers and to make sure that the British public are aware of the significant role drivers play in our national economy.  They are also involved in a variety of other schemes from the education of other road users through to providing a 'united voice' on working time.  Visit them at the above link to find out more and become a member.

Model M040.52A

Single Clutch or Brake System Double System
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