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MLS is the leading hydraulic anti theft system in the plant and construction market with both Thatcham P2 and P3 approval.   With nationwide dealers such as Leach Lewis, Young Plant Sales, HM Plant and Northern Lift Trucks to name only a few, MLS can support you no matter where you are.


MLS works by isolating the hydraulic flow on a vehicle.  It is isolated mechanically and not electronically as electronic isolation is very easy to by pass.  Any vehicle with a hydraulic system can have MLS fitted - we have not found a vehicle that we can not fit MLS to!  The system is operated by a a patented key that has 60 million combinations and cannot be copied.  If a key is lost there is a secure procedure for ordering replacement keys.  The key is the strength of MLS as it is a physical component that can be managed with ease that has been proven by a variety of companies who have all their hired in vehicles covered with MLS - providing a solution for both the hirer and hiree.  Keypad systems cannot compare to this as how do you secure something that inside somebody's head? 

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MLS has many other functions other than anti theft such as preventing unauthorised use, protecting your small tools and also protecting your attachments.  To discover more about MLS and find out about competitive financing deals and fantastic insurance discounts call our national sales office on:

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MLS has developed a partnership with Enigma who are the market leaders in Plant Asset Management and Tracking.  MLS Skyline is the result and combines the best of both systems.  The system can be designed to work to your specific requirements and has all the benefits of MLS security and Enigma's reknown Asset Management.


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31 Dec 2009
Engineer Required

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17 Nov 2009
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14 Aug 2009
One Call comments on MLS
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One of the largest UK tanker companies, who wish to remain nameless for security . . .
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