Meck Lock System Italia srl was established in 1989 to manufacture a mechanical immobilisor designed specifically for HGVs.  The application for Plant equipment was realised just over three years ago and since then installations have taken off due to its ability to make the vehicles more secure than anything else on the market.  Since then the company has gone from strength to strength and is now represented in the following countries: UK, Canada, Japan, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand and Australia.  The system is now fitted to 60,000 HGVs, 60,000 plant vehicles and 40,000 cars in Italy without a single theft being recorded. 




-  Mechanical and Electronic immobilisor permanently fitted and operated by a key

-  Key has 20,000,000 combinations – produced by HF Securité solely for Meck Lock

-  Key cylinder unbeatable/Key irreproducible 

-  Key attaches to drivers key ring with unique bayonet style clip

-  Fitted to any hydraulic or pneumatic system

-  Electronic system immobilises the ignition system (12V or 24V)

-  Operates up to 700 bar

-  Maximum of two hours to fit

-  Product comes with a 3-year warranty




When the key is removed the unit stops the flow of oil in the hydraulic system or the flow of air in the pneumatic system.  The electronic immobilisor also cuts the ignition system.  If a thief were to try and steal the vehicle he would come up against a two-tier defense system.  First of all the vehicle would not start even with the vehicle’s ignition key.  If he could beat the electronic immobilisor and start the vehicle he will find any one of several systems inoperable – such as forward and reverse movement, steering wheel inoperable or brakes permanently on.  The only way to beat the system is to take it off.  This will take at least 4 hours and will require him to be uninterrupted, have the correct tools, have the correct pipes and connection bolts to replace the unit pipes and he will also need to know what he is looking at.  No system in the world is unbeatable but the strength of this system is that it takes so long to beat that the thief would give up long before.







-  EEC 72/245, 95/54

-  TÜV – 377/0111/99/FBKA (German Regulatory Board)

-  ABE – KBA/90609 (German Ministry of Transport)

-  EU – All standards for quality and safety




The system is sold to the following manufacturers in Italy and the UK, who fit on customer demand:


IVECO, Spa Torino, CAT, JCB, Thwaites, Fiat-Hitachi, Bobcat, OM Forklift, Neuson, Komatsu Utility Spa, CGT Spa,


The system is sold to the following dealers and rental fleets in Italy, who fit on customer demand:


Bitelli, CAT, JCB, Bobcat, CASE, Libra, Manitou, Neuson, Peljob, Volvo, Yanmar